Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sappy post...

The boy fella and I just celebrated the big 1.5 year anniversary...we decided to get the lovely nice DART down to Greystones for the day and do it in STYLE...

We availed of a lovely but nonsensical deal in Insomnia (3 quid for a coffee and muffin but the coffee on its own costs 3.10...I'm not complaining!) and had a good old natter while making some babies cry through the power of funny faces...we're mad classy.

We then went for a lovely walk down to the harbour and found some nice cliffy things on the beach where we sat before going for a spur of the moment shwim...we even squeezed in a bit of crazy rock climbing...turns out Sebo's a bit of a jungle boy, I was mad impressed! We then sat up on the cliff for a good two hours having the craic and I got veeery sunburnt...oops!

We headed down to Supervalu and got some rolls and I picked up a smoothie in a vegan juice bar place...divine! :) It started to rain but we went back to the cliffs anyway and people watched for a while, and Sebastian stared at little boys in the local national school...he's dodgy. We decided feck the rain so we lay in the sand and had another loooong chat (we both never shut up!!) while getting soaked and muddy...oh young love!!

We got the DART to some stop we thought we knew but actually didn't it turns out, but it was grand cos we went to Shrewsbury Road and disrespected some rich people...funny how it just feels right to hate rich people....we're jealous beings! We walked around pretending to eachother we weren't lost for a good half hour til we finally found ourselves in Ranelagh!

We decided to stop in Tribeca for some chicken wings, chunky chips and mussels...an old classic! We then got the LUAS back to boy fella's gaff and indulged in tea, a DMC and mint chocolate chip ice cream...headed off home at midnight after spending fourteen hours together...and here comes the sappy thing I've never dared to say on the internet before...he's really great :) (see, I'm deep.)

Today, by comparison, wasn't the best day. I lost my phone and broke my bike and sunburn is tight. But hey, you win some you lose some. And boy fella's coming over for coffee tomorrow :)

I miss Niamh...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wow wow wow wow...

To whom it may concern,

Had the most amazing Thursday night!! Need to vent it...so I'll use this lovely slice of internet to do so...

Well, first of all, Sarah Kate and I were going to the Beyonce concert. Doors opened at half six, I got off work at quarter past four, the plan was I race into town and we get our queue on...thing is, my life is never that simple! So I end up being kept behind til twenty to five. The bus stop's a ten minute walk away, the bus ride's a minimum fifteen minutes, the meeting time is ten to five...you do the maths, my chances of being on time weren't good! I ran to the bus stop with a sprint that, as I took my seat on the bus, I reflected was faster than I had ever intended to run in my life. I'd made it in three minutes, and the bus pulled up just as I arrived...things were looking up! I got off the bus at five o'clock, and I gave Sarah Kate a call from the meeting spot asking where she was and apologising for my disappointing punctuality...what she said when she picked up the phone threw my heart swiftly into my panting throat...

'Nicola I forgot my ticket.'

Sweet Lord, that was a bombshell!! For six months we'd been preparing for this day and all of a sudden all our plans were falling apart!! So while Sarah Kate got a taxi home and back I spent a fitful hour and a quarter wandering the streets of Dublin and getting funny looks from people concerning my profuse sweating and expression of hysteria...to cut this section of the story short, the very kind taxi driver broke many laws to eventually get us to The O2 right as the doors were opening, and by some divine intervention we got into the third row of people!! After much pushing and angry heat induced fights with those around us, Beyonce finally hit the stage at half nine.


From the costumes to the lighting to the dance moves to the music, she was a true show woman from start to finish. Personal highlights included her performance of 'Broken Hearted Girl' ( had me bawling like a baba!!), her hanging from the ceiling doing acrobatics and slowly lowering herself to inches above the crowd (some balls that girl!!), being on the big screen as she performed 'Irreplacable' (BEYONCE NOW KNOWS WHAT I LOOK LIKE!!!!), her reducing a grown man to tears when she asked him his name (it was Angelo...), and her own tears at the end of the show after her encore performance of Halo! It was a very personal show, she shared home videos from when she was five, told little anecdotes from her own life and played her performance at Obama's inaugaration on the big screen! She's the most perfect woman I've ever seen...even sweating and flaring her nostrils she looks incredible...and she has amazingly shiny legs which are just the juuuuicy cherry on top of a cake made of stunning!!

Overall, an incredible night!! When she finally left the stage it was half eleven- such a long set and she was still so full of energy! Not even the fact that my phone ran out of battery while ringing home for a lift could dampen my spirits...must've been all the frantic phonecalls to check up on the taxi's process earlier on!

Thanks for an incredible show Miss Knowles, we'll be meeting again in November!!