Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sappy post...

The boy fella and I just celebrated the big 1.5 year anniversary...we decided to get the lovely nice DART down to Greystones for the day and do it in STYLE...

We availed of a lovely but nonsensical deal in Insomnia (3 quid for a coffee and muffin but the coffee on its own costs 3.10...I'm not complaining!) and had a good old natter while making some babies cry through the power of funny faces...we're mad classy.

We then went for a lovely walk down to the harbour and found some nice cliffy things on the beach where we sat before going for a spur of the moment shwim...we even squeezed in a bit of crazy rock climbing...turns out Sebo's a bit of a jungle boy, I was mad impressed! We then sat up on the cliff for a good two hours having the craic and I got veeery sunburnt...oops!

We headed down to Supervalu and got some rolls and I picked up a smoothie in a vegan juice bar place...divine! :) It started to rain but we went back to the cliffs anyway and people watched for a while, and Sebastian stared at little boys in the local national school...he's dodgy. We decided feck the rain so we lay in the sand and had another loooong chat (we both never shut up!!) while getting soaked and muddy...oh young love!!

We got the DART to some stop we thought we knew but actually didn't it turns out, but it was grand cos we went to Shrewsbury Road and disrespected some rich people...funny how it just feels right to hate rich people....we're jealous beings! We walked around pretending to eachother we weren't lost for a good half hour til we finally found ourselves in Ranelagh!

We decided to stop in Tribeca for some chicken wings, chunky chips and mussels...an old classic! We then got the LUAS back to boy fella's gaff and indulged in tea, a DMC and mint chocolate chip ice cream...headed off home at midnight after spending fourteen hours together...and here comes the sappy thing I've never dared to say on the internet before...he's really great :) (see, I'm deep.)

Today, by comparison, wasn't the best day. I lost my phone and broke my bike and sunburn is tight. But hey, you win some you lose some. And boy fella's coming over for coffee tomorrow :)

I miss Niamh...


  1. N'AAAwwwwww! <:D You two are such a beautiful couple!

    Haha, you stole me and Nicole's Greystones Idea though :P

    Sounds like a good day of fun and meaningful banter with someone you care about! Perhaps one of the best days you can have.

  2. Aww bless! Yeah me n Lorcan spent out 1 month in Bray/Greystones t'was lovely. I got sunburned that day too :(

    Is that the same vegan juice bar we got ourselves kicked out of whilst I was vegan?!

    And I hope you stayed away from public toilets.

  3. Haha, one month!?! Wow, I thought it was just a day, but I guess time flies when you're having fun! ;D