Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exams and the like...

The last thing in the world I want to do is jinx them but...*deep breath*...the exams are actually going surprisingly okay! The three essays I knew for history all came up today (lucky much?!) so I'm in pretty high spirits about the whole thing. It makes me feel pretty silly to say I was nearly physically sick last night while I had a frighteningly realistic vision of myself looking at the exam paper and not knowing a single thing on it!

Biology tomorrow, I'm a bit worried about that, but I guess the worst is over at this stage- only three exams to go! :) In other news, the old mobile's a bit banjaxed, dropped it a good ten too many times, but I guess it's held up pretty well for a twenty nine euro job so I can't complain!

Anyways, I'll keep this post short and sweet like my skirt (quote random girl from MUN) and sign off to bed now at the daring hour of 9.35! Wish me luck and apologies in advance if tomorrow's post is of the angry and tearful variety...all depends what raises its ugly head on the biology exam. Anyone wish to join me in a prayer for genetic crosses?! Stay classy Blogspot!

PS. Niamh's still so deep these days. She buys cards made by the physically handicapped in impoverished countries and cites ignorance over waterborne diseases as her least favourite aspect of western society...that is no joke. A humanitarian if ever there was one...

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  1. Niamh is my personal hero.

    But yes the exams are never really as mad as we think they'll be.