Friday, May 29, 2009

ID embarrassments...

It's summmmmmer! :) The rest of the exams went pretty well, feels like they were a good decade ago at this point!

Was my little brother's birthday today, headed over to Tesco to get a box of matches to put on his birthday cake and ended up getting was pretty embarrassing, they told me to come back when I'm sixteen...oh, so a year and a half ago then?! When I explained that I am in fact seventeen and a half they all but laughed in my face! Eventually I was given the matches, but 'just this once'...for my eighteenth someone else can buy them!!

Oh, how very cringe...


  1. What the crap? Even if you weren't 16, they're matches! Jeez and Rice, that's crazy!

  2. Hahaha!! It's not like you look 5 years old, and why wouldn't 15 yr olds be allowed buy matches?