Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turning over a new leaf...

I'm rather awful at the old consistency. I start blogs, diaries, studying, new days resolutions and the like most days and I don't think I've managed to keep a single one of them going for more than a week...I've promised myself this time is different though so wish me luck! I started this blog to write nice things about my good friend Niamh...she'd like you all to know she's very deep.

Annnyways, I guess I should probably get on with posting the juicy details of my personal life on the internet. We'll start small...on the upside of today, I got to go home early and have chicken soup cos of this cold I have...a whopper arrangement, cheers Shereen :) On the downside, my mother took away the Percy Pigs before I decided I wanted a third one...they're now with her in the car on her way to Dundrum...some people...

I love Cruel Intentions, such a good film. Katie agrees with me. Watched it yesterday and was blown away...that Sebastian one...wowzers!! Plans for today include watching Made and filling a shoulder bottle up with water and pretending it's vodka tomorrow...I might explain later.

Shout out to fellow bloggers Nicole and Lorcan!! Woo!! Should probably go get some study done for the 'random revision' test I have in biology tomorrow...making it sound like a game doesn't make it much funner. :(

I'm not promising I'll ever be on this site again, but if I am you'll know I've become a better person inside. Huzzah! That Niamh one is such a deep thinker...


  1. Woo for shoutouts! I am looking forward to this, Nicola, it should be quite awesome indeed! Yay blogging :D

    (Also, first post! :P)

  2. Yay you joined the cool internet blogging club.

    Baz would approve.